Beautiful Red Flower Bloom

Red Flower Bloom

Beautiful Red Flower Bloom

Sprinkling Fire Flower Color Red
Sparks bouncing red
Splashed instead of triggering anger
Even though burning soul poles weak
And all the power seemed to devour

Conscience did not last mumbling saturated
In a handful of shades ranging fragile
Heat to steam along a tenth
Of taste that is more boisterous rumble

Clouds of smoke is more than just a sign
You are no longer the most beautiful in the chest
Prevented when not rolling like delayed
As increasingly powerful blow struck undecided
Had believe you're the last

As the final word in all lyric
Its fingers pressed together until the day ends
Efflux for thousands of stories etched
But now just wishful tuk remembered
Besides you no longer blows the breath of calm
Almost similar to the more violent storms hit
Remove the hand is so sore you do not reoccur

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