Beauty Dahlia Blossom

Beauty dahlia Blossom Photography

Beauty Dahlia Blossom

My dahlia withered
I looked at all the beautiful flowers that bloom welcoming the blazing sun in the morning. Clear, distant sacred dew fresh flowers to add my point of view. Yes he is like dahlias.
puja flowers are always in the beetle bitch. The beetle was relentless seduce sweet honey expects its dahlias.
Her fragrant dahlia, beetle perched endless turns.
flowers winsome unsightly to doze, lulled seduction of the beetle bitch.
corolla sacred, no longer maintained, its fragrant flowers no longer fragrant.
really unfortunate fate of the flowers, the beetles just suck the juice.
now only the sad flowers, fragrant no longer charming, dimly lit taken the beetle bitch.
dahlia first fragrant and fresh now wilt drooping melancholy regret.

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