Blue Orchid Photography

Blue Orchid Photography

Blue Orchid Photography

That morning,
At the time I sat
In my home page
While drinking a cup of coffee with milk
And a piece of bread
As I looked at
Parks in my yard
I see there is a flower
The color is really cool heart
blue sparkles
Because illuminated morning sun
This reassuring
Fostering a sense of passion
In my life
Is the blue orchid

My Blue Orchid

How are you
I am back
Bring love poems
... Read about you.

Listen my blue orchid
I am in love
Ku'ingin looking at you
Feeling I looked at him there

my blue orchid
Still it appropriate for me to fall in love
My blue orchids ..?
But I'm afraid of losing KLW hrus

Your flower white blue
Can my heart as your flower
The blue of the whiteness of my love Rinduku

Beautifully maintained like your flower ..
Awake at the garden of my heart ..

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